HR Executive
Citizencredit Co-op Bank

: Mumbai, Maharashtra
: 1
: Graduate
: Experienced
: 1 Year - 2 Years
: Hr Department

JOB DETAILS              
H.R. Professional Looking for candidates: Having proven experience as an HR professional with minimum 5 years experience in the BFSI sector. Qualification: Essential –Post Graduate Degree with – Specialization in HR/ Labour Laws & Industrial Relations Responsibilities include: 1) Management of a. Talent Acquisition (Sourcing to Selection) b. Employee Life Cycle c. Performance Evaluation d. Compensation & Benefits e. Grievance/Conflict resolution f. Industrial Relations 2) Implement and review a. Human resources policy of the Bank b. Employee Engagement acivities 3) Maintain the work structure by a. Updating Job requirements and Job descriptions for all positions b. Building employee relation across all levels c. Maintaining SOPs 4) Provide quality advice to Senior Management regarding employee relations and performance management.

COMPANY DETAILS              
These are the founding pillars that reflect the true spirit of Citizencredit Co-operative Bank. Our logo embodies this spirit in the form of a dove, while also representing the initials of our bank. The dove indicates the transparency, commitment, and peaceful relationship that the bank establishes with its customers. The colours (saffron, blue, green) personifies our dream of financially empowering citizens and constantly developing the economic might of the country. The logo also resembles a palm reaching out in service, for we grow only through the profitability and prosperity of our customers.